I have been remiss

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I have been remiss in not pushing the Donors Choose drive a little harder over the last little bit, but this is kinda a big deal. Granted, I don't have a nipple-shirted avatar to persuade you, but I do think it is important that we get some more people interested in this drive.

Clearly, there are a few of you reading and I would guess that many of y'all have a few bucks you could live without so that school kids can be provided with what were likely staple items when you went to school. Sadly, some of the projects on the Donor's Choose site are things like a rug so that kids can sit for story time. Whether you think it is up to the private citizen to make up for the ridiculous shortcomings of the state or town is not the point. What is, is not letting children suffer for the funding decisions that are out of their control.

To sweeten the pot, several corporations have agreed to double contributions over the next few weeks, notably HP, who have committed to match every contribution from the Science Blogger Challenge, up to $50,000. So your $5 contributed today can me $10 for a classroom. It all adds up and pretty soon these classrooms will be able to buy supplies for biology labs, projects and yes, even a rug.

Even if everyone who read this post donated $1, it would make a major difference to schools across the US. Even if it seems ridiculous to you, pull the change out of your pocket today and give that. Like I said, it all adds up.

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