Donors Choose time!

The official start date of our Science Blog Donor's Choose competition is Oct 10, but I'm gonna be out of town and a few others here have already turned their reads loose on their giving pages.

You can either click THIS LINK for the donor page I have set up or use the sidebar. The goal here is to pit blog collectives and independent blogs against one another in a steel cage death match (for the kids, of course) for your donations. So, donations made through the pages of various blogs will be our bragging rights as we gather money for classrooms across the country that need some extra help to teach STEM concepts to their kids.

I mostly chose projects that had a direct impact of teaching and learning science, but have a few others on there that I found interesting. I will also be adding new projects as the ones on the current page get closed out, so don't be afraid to check the page more than once!

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  • Anna says:

    From everyone here at, we're so excited you're involved! Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!

  • Crystal says:

    Thanks for encouraging others to be excited about learning and science. I am a kindergarten teacher and I love science! I think it often gets overlooked but there are so many great things to learn, observe, and experience in this world. Feel free to check out my science project too. It's almost expired, but I'm not throwing in the towel yet. 🙂 Check out Jr. Scientists and thanks for doing your part in helping us to teach the next generation! Blessings!

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