Repost: How day care will be the death of me

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It is merely September and I'm already on my first bought of anti-biotics. All the kids who were out of day care for the summer are back and the Wee One already has pneumonia. Of course, you would never know it, save for an occasional cough, but I'm wiped out. Seemed like a good idea to bust this post back out from just last spring.

Day care is a necessary evil if you have a two income family. Unless you have relatives close by who are willing to entertain your child while the two parents are at work, chances are you have to rely on day care. It can be expensive and a huge hassle, but there are not a lot of options.

There are good things about day care, such as your child getting to play with their peers for much of the day. This can lead to learning a lot of things they would otherwise not be confronted with at home. Children at day care also have to get used to being with non-parents for much of the day, which one could argue helps them when their parents need to leave them with someone to get something done or to go out for a night. A lot of day cares also go to great lengths to take what is understood about how children learn and incorporate that into daily activities. All of these are good things.

But daycare has another effect on your life. Before we sent the Wee One to daycare she almost never got sick.

The Wee One, before day care.

We had the normal run of one or two colds a winter as a household, but nothing major. But day care changed all that. Day care is apparently where every cold and flu goes to party. It's like the runny nose equivalent of Burning Man and we have our very own vector from that source. It's like living with the monkey from "Outbreak".

The Wee One in day care. This is actually the look we get every afternoon when we arrive to take her home.

This winter the family has been a revolving door for colds. Every time one sweeps through and leaves us for dead, there is another one at the door. I'm pretty sure I have been healthy for a grand total of 8 days since November and my wife has been hit harder by each cold than I have. Day care is probably taking a year off of our lives, and we're not even getting to play with play dough! The thing I am most excited about this spring is the chance that the time between colds will lengthen as the days do.

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  • Oh I'm soo sorry about wee one. I hope she recovers quickly. Hugs

  • I have a home daycare, so I know exactly what you mean about kids passing colds from one to the other, and sometimes to me. I like how you listed the good with the bad. Thank God, nobody has gotten pneumonia, I hope your little one gets better. 🙂

  • julie_r says:

    The good news is that by the time Wee One starts kindergarten, she'll be as healthy as a horse with a well developed immune system. My 5 year-old gets sick much less now than she did the first two years of day card (knock on wood).

  • I agree with julie_r. My sibling teaches K/1 and the kids who didn't go to daycare are sick non-stop all year. Better to get it over with when they are younger (and more likely to nap during the day).

  • Dr. O says:

    I'm just praying our little Monkey gets Hubby's immune system...I swear that man never gets sick, even when I come down with the plague.

    Hope you all get better soon.

  • proflikesubstance says:

    everyone keeps telling me this, but it's little comfort now *cough, cough*. I'm sure it'll be better in the long run, but if this winter is like last winter, I'm spending the whole thing like the boy in the bubble.

  • theshortearedowl says:

    Nothing is stopping you from playing with play dough.

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