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Sep 07 2010 Published by under [Et Al], Etc

There's a new blog in town, my friends. Long time commenter Gnuma has decided to take a stab at effusing to the intertubes under a new moniker, Cackle of Rad. Which shed the old handle? She explains:

First I want to explain the very unattractive gnuma pseudonym. It was gifted upon me by the computer guy in my olde department and as much as I loved the computer guy, who loved me more in return, [Note: we completely hated one another, but that developed after (I think after) he gifted this name, which was a log-in] I have decided on a new handle. Gnuma is/was pronounced 'New ma' and computer guy gave it to me following the birth of my first child, Spawn1. I logged in once to google to comment on a blog over here, it asked me for a name, I wasn't feeling very creative, and thus I became gnuma to the public.

She goes on to describe the idea behind the name, as well as herself, thusly:

As for the job, more specifics: I am an assistant professor of an -ology who is starting up a research program full-tilt. I've been on the job less then a year, and in that time I've haz a bebe, been on a grant panel, ordered a shit-ton of equipment that cost a fuck-tillion amount of dollars, hired people, begun to navigate through a new department and its weird kinks, and most importantly....I now have to deal with living less than an hour away from my husband's family.

Follow up posts to her intro post include one on the difficulties of under-producing milk while breast feeding and racing frogs in a small town.

And did I mention the blog is purple? Go check it out.

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