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Wow, so here we are. As you might imagine this little venture was in the works for a little while and special thanks really needs to be extended to Mark Chu-Carroll and Scicurious for making this all happen. Mark, in particular, has been the architect of this site and has done an amazing job getting 25ish bloggers organized and all moving in the same direction without any of us breaking Scientopia from the inside.

With that all said, I can imagine that many people reading over the next little bit will never have stumbled across my previous blog and have no idea who I am. Taking the lead of Dr. Becca, I think an introduction is in order.

I started my tenure track position in 2008, and like many junior faculty, it's been a sink or swim period in my life. For the most part I've been treading water so far. I've even learned a few things along the way.

You should also know that I am a super hero. I know this because while I am home I have the ability to ward off evil that quickly descends the second I leave town. Of course, I sometimes find ways to undermine even my own super powers, but the travel can be fodder for plenty of stories as well.

I also have a defective brain to mouth filter, that can sometimes get the better of me.

When I actually discuss science here, much of it is in the context of getting NSF funding and finding the best ways to approach their proposals. I have, however, started applying to NIH recently and will see where that goes. I'm heading to do an NSF panel this fall, which should be an interesting experience.

I'm adjusting to teaching undergrads in between submitting papers and proposals. This has been a challenge, but it's part of the job and something I got better at this year.

I also like to occasionally rant about anti-evolution wackos and the influence they can have on the country. Even the people working to promote evolution sometimes make we wonder.

Finally, I am excited about this new community that is forming here and hope to be able to engage readers in discussion as I continue doing the job I've always wanted to do. Since I started blogging I have been surprised at how useful it has been for me (I even wrote a five part post on the topic if you are bored 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and hopefully my readers have benefited as much as I have. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

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  • Dr Becca says:

    Yay!!!! Congrats on the move! Scientopia is already my new favorite place on The Internet.

  • Dr. O says:

    Congrats PLS! Love the new space...and updating my blog roll once again. 😉

  • Here you are ! Cool ! Congratulations and I'm looking forward to following your upcoming posts !

  • Anonymous says:

    hmmmm, this will take some getting used to. of course, these comments are based on my own needs.

    where are the links to awkward family photos, morons with signs, etc. or is this a fancy science-only blog?

    what about listing the blogroll based on the timing of the posts, that feature was really nice because there are folks I like to read whenever their new posts come on-line (e.g. blue lab coats and PiT) but I have yet to find a pattern in their timing of posts.

    will this replace PLS blog entirely?

  • proflikesubstance says:

    I don't plan to get fancy, but think of this like a new house that still needs to be personalized. I'm working on the decorations, but it doesn't quite look like home yet. It's a new platform for me and we've been tweaking site-wide changes up until the last minute (and will probably continue to for a bit).

    The humor blog roll will re-emerge.

    The rotating blog roll is i the works, but not finished yet.

    This will replace the existing PLS blog for the foreseeable future. I barely have time to keep up with one blog, let alone two.

    This will take some getting used to for everyone, but I think it is going to be great once the dust settles.

  • jc says:

    You do home decor too?

    Congrats on the new pad.

  • cool! talk about having to re-organize my google reader!

  • tideliar says:

    nice one mate! Blogroll is updated. actually with all the reshiffling going on I need to seriously overhaul my blogroll and my bookmarks!

  • tideliar says:

    Actually, looking at the Scientopia blogroll on the right, most of the science blogs I read are right there LOL

  • Alyssa says:

    Congrats on the new blog! Nice to see so many great blogs in one place.

  • Odyssey says:

    I go on vacation and everyone moves on me. I half expected the locks on my house to have been changed... Anyway, nice new digs! Looks like most the cool kids moved here. I can see I'll be spending far too much time over here.

  • Candid Engineer says:

    Sweet! Quoting my favorite HGTV nitwits, "Welcome to this 'space' "!!!!

  • PUI Prof says:

    Great new place. Will continue to follow. Clever, that- the spandrel shop! I'll lose a lot of readership cause you didn't take me with you, but *snif* I'll be ok. 🙂

  • Dr. No says:

    Shiny new digs man.

  • Nice new digs! RSS feeds are all updated (I've kept your old feed in my "defunct...?" folder, just in case), and I'll update the blog roll later!

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