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We just acquired equipment that will make some of the key research functions we were doing tremendously more simple than they were previously. One the one hand, Yay for make our lives so much easier! On the other, how many fucking hours did we waste doing it the old way?!?!??!

Of course every technological advance results in something like this and until the new thing comes along the old one was the best way to do it, but still.....

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  • Ms.PhD says:

    Eh, at least you have equipment. I don't feel sorry for you. At all. In other words: congratulations! Now please stop rubbing it in our faces. That is all.

  • Patchi says:

    I completely understand! We are buying a 96-well pipetting system and had a demo to try out. Our 5-hour assay was reduced to 3.5 and my hands were not hurting by the end of the day. Our new machine should be here next week, but the demo is gone so I'm back to the 12-channel and hurting hands... but it's worse because I know how easier it will be with the new machine that is not here yet!!!!

  • Professor in Training says:

    Yay! Congrats, dude. One day I'll get myself a calculator so I don't have to use the abacus so much.

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