You stay classy "conservatives"

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Sometimes I wonder if the people who are adamantly against big changes like health care reform are just the same ignorant and scared morons who have been against social change for decades. It's nice when you get a resounding "yes!" to questions like these. I'm not saying that I am 100% in favor of what the health care reform bill has been turned into as it has worked its way through our broken political system, but it seems clear that the majority of people who are against it have no idea what they are opposing. With yesterday's behavior of the anti-health care demonstrators, one has to wonder how many of them even understand anything but fear of change.

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  • Dr. O says:

    As terrible as that was, I have to say I'm not that surprised. Even the halfway "rational" arguments being made in TV ads are pretty ridiculous. On a related note, here's an interesting article on the brilliance of some of these health care opponents - there really is no way to debate this kind of idiocy.

  • Dr.Girlfriend says:

    I grew up with National Health. It was not the greatest, but if you were worried you might be sick you went to the doctors. There were long waiting lists for certain treatments, and the wealthy could afford to go private for these. However, your basic needs were taken care of regardless.I grew listening to people whine about the National Health system. Then I moved to the US and learnt that many young people here could not afford health care at all, and many more are not willing to pay the co-payments for a checkup they are not sure they need. People put off going to the doctors until they are sure they really are very sick - this has got to cost more in the long run. The US is home to best medicine in the world, the only problem is that many of its own citizens cannot access it.

  • tideliar says:

    I have some bar-friends who are rampant tea-party, creationist republicans and it's amazing chatting with them about these things. It is impossible to communicate because any rational discussion devloves rapidly into,"DEMOCRATS ARE SOCIALIST MOTHERFUCKERS OBAMA IS A MOLSEM HERETIC WHY DO YOU HATE GOD YOU COMMIE BASTARD"Pointing out any of the irrationality of their arguments, or the flaws in their circular reasoning gets you a panicked blank stare at their processor hits an infinite loop, bombs out and they blurt their programmed error message again:"DEMOCRATS ARE SOCIALIST MOTHERFUCKERS OBAMA IS A MOLSEM HERETIC WHY DO YOU HATE GOD YOU COMMIE BASTARD"

  • The Steel Magnolia says:

    Prof, I've been wanting to write a post that basically says what you just wrote, but I couldn't do it without sounding bitter and disgusted. (And using unlady-like words)Thanks for a more clear-headed expression. 🙂

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