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Well, well, well. I have to say that Super Bowl was much better than I had thought it would be. In a lot of ways it reminded me of the Pats/Rams SB in 2001, right down to the game icing interception for a TD. As an NFL fan, it was great to see the Saints win and take home their first championship. As a Pats fan, it was wonderful to see the Colts get thwarted in their effort to win a second title in four years. Just a win all around.

The SciBlogs NFL challenge was about as close as the game (until the last few minutes) last night. I chose a playoff format that I thought would discourage a tie going into the Super Bowl, but that is exactly what we had. Both DGT and Nat had 4 points going into the big game, but because I had our contestants pick the winner three weeks ago, they had to chose between teams that they had projected to be in the Super Bowl. Nat had forecasted a Chargers v. Saints SB and DGT had chosen a Colts v. Dallas. Each player had one SB entrant correct. Weeks before the actual game, DGT chose the Colts to win, but Nat picked the Chargers who had already been eliminated.

That set up the following scenario: DGT wins outright if the Colts win the Super Bowl. If the Colts lose, we go to the tie breaker. The tie breaker was the final scroe under Price is Right rules (closest without going over) I would apologize now to all my foreign readers who haven't seen the Price is Right, but they all stopped reading after seeing the title, so I think I'm in the clear. Anyway, both Nat and DGT were asked to pick a tiebreaker number on Saturday. Nat took 56, knowing both teams had prolific offenses. DGT took a page out of the Price is Right strategy book and bet on 1. Yes, 1. With that strategy, any score below 56 meant a DGT win and anything above meant Nat wins.

Well, if you watched the game, you now that the Saints won with a score of 31-17, for a total score of 48!

So, it is my pleasure to announce that the winner of this year's NFL SciBlog Challenge, in double overtime, is Damn Good Technician. The final Lombardi trophy of the year is below. Congrats DGT!

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  • A. Brit says:

    "...they all stopped reading after seeing the title..."You're jolly well right about that, old bean!

  • Nat Blair says:

    Congrats DGT! I can't imagine a more worthy opponent.

  • Alyssa says:

    Wow - congrats DGT!! It was a fun pool - thanks for organizing it all, PLS!

  • Odyssey says:

    Congrats DGT!

  • chall says:

    WOHO! Congrats DGT!! fun pool indeed, thanks for hosting and making a very fun week thing all through the fall.(and I'll post the scores of our little one too this evening when I get back home!)

  • DamnGoodTechnician says:

    Three cheers for the Price is Right! Do I get a dinette set with this victory?Pick'em is a fun game - are we all doing this again next year?

  • tideliar says:

    Well done DGT!It was a hell of a game. We were at my friend's traditional Superbowl alcohol-fest. I hadn't managed to get the Monday booked off work and was facing a NSATY day. And then we had a nosw storm at 4am and were given a Snowday! Awesomesauce! Saints win and the day after off work.

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