Actual conversations: My Day Yesterday

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Me: Hi, I would just like to set up an appointment to go over my grant budgets
Grant Submission "Facilitator": Sure, can you send the budget to me ahead of time?
Me: Yeah, no problem. I can send it as soon as it's done which should give you a day or so to look it over.
GS"F": Would you send it in Excel.
Me: Uuuummmmm, you want the budget in Excel?
GS"F": It makes it easier for me to check through.
Me: *blink, blink*
Me: I'll see what I can do...
GS"F": K, thx. *Click*
Me: Wait, wait, wait. I need to create a whole new budget in a format that makes it easier to do your job while I'm in the midst of finishing two proposals? Hello? Fuck!

In the car
Wife: Wee One, did you get your medicine at day care today?
Wee One: Yes.
Wife: Who gave it to you?
Wee One: Um, Santa!
Wife: Santa gave you your medicine?
Wee One: Yes!
Me: What about Day Care Manager? Did she help?
Wee One: *Stares out window*
Me: Did she help with the medicine or did someone else give it to you?
Wee One: Snowman!
Wife: A snowman gave you the medicine?
Wee One: Yes!
Wife: Sigh.
Me: Alrighty then.

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  • Mad Hatter says:

    You know, conversations with one of the postdocs in my lab goes pretty much like the one between Wife and Wee One. Less whimsical, but equally confusing and uninformative. That's probably not good....

  • Professor in Training says:

    Yeah, I think some conversations with my colleagues are along the same lines as one would have with Wee One.

  • Patchi says:

    I got this question from my 3.5 year-old while driving home one day:Do dogs like it when an octopus wraps its tentacles around its face and legs?No context included... The easy answer was "probably not" - but it took me a few minutes to go through my mental movie/book database to figure out where this came from.

  • ScientistMother says:

    aah the joys of communicating with young'uns:))

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