NFL week 14: The final stretch

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Only three weeks left of the regular season and three more weeks of the NFL pool. It's the home stretch and the last chance to claim the glory associated with winning the prestigious Blogger NFL Pool Final Trophy.... which will totally be different from the weekly trophy... let me just google around a bit.... yes... totally different.

With the pressure increasing almost everyone had a good week this week. The scores ranged from 7 to 13, which is the highest score we've seen this season. Part of the higher scores is that there are no teams on a bye from here on out so more games are being played, but 13 is still impressive.

DGT remains the leader with 110 total points, but faltered a bit with 9 points this week. Nat made a huge move with a score of 12 and is now only 4 points out of the lead. Odyssey also had a big week with 12 points and managed to triumphantly emerge from the basement (poop deck?) to claim 99 points on the season so far. PiT remains in contention with 104 points and Alyssa's score of 11 moved her into 4th with 102 points. I also managed 11 points this week, but still lost ground because this weeks winner tied my total core of 100 with his 13 points this week.

This week's winner is Genomic Repairman. Can he make an underdog run at the title? We'll see.

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