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Honestly folks, I'm wiped. But rather than turn this into a crazy cat lady blog about everything going on outside of work, I would like to draw attention to two blogs that I have been checking out. I usually just add blogs to the blog roll without much hoopla, but there are two I have added recently that provide some different perspectives and I think are worth a gander from you folks.

The first one I've had up there for a little bit, is Hurricane Jill, who describes her blog thusly:
I’m actually quite boring in real life. I live in a convenient location, drive a boring car, work out less than I should, rarely drink and don’t smoke at all.

Despite that, life seems to have taken a particular interest in me, in a Chinese proverb kind of way. And I made a number of mistakes and wrong turns early on, which aren’t helping matters any.

So this blog is about me becoming a neurosurgeon, and the hilarity that ensues.

I've known a lot of pre-meds and med students in my day and always thought it was humorous that they thought getting into med school was the hard part. That's just the first hoop and Hurricane Jill provides an interesting look at what the life of a resident is like. I think I'll stick with my job.

The second blog you should go click on is PUI Prof, over at The Two Body Problem. PUI Prof is fairly new to blogging, so go over and say hello. Her blog is interesting, because many of the blogs I read describe life at research institutions, whereas I have not come across many blogs from the good folks at PUIs. On top on that, PUI Prof is dealing with the issues of early-career maternity and an academic relationship.

I am a professor at a primarily undergraduate institution. My spouse is a research professor and works two hours drive away. This blog is primarily about life at a PUI, but also about our family trying to make the most of an uncomfortable lifestyle.

PUI Prof explains her situation a bit better in her first post, so go check it out.

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