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Aug 27 2009 Published by under Uncategorized

Well, we finally signed all the paperwork yesterday and instantly went from having the most money we've ever had to the least with a few signatures. We are now happily in debt for the foreseeable future and I've already had my home repair skills tested. During the walk through yesterday, the sellers were running all around because when they removed the washing machine on Tuesday and closed the water valves, one of them started to leak in the middle of the night. Since they finished almost the entire basement with hardwood, that was a bit of a problem. Luckily the leak wasn't too bad and there is a Lowes about a mile away. We put a bag on it so we could go sign the paperwork and then I picked up a cap, teflon tape and a wrench on the way home. It's a goo thing for them we are low key and didn't flip out just before we were signing. 

We're having the floors refinished starting today, but we did spend the night there last night on our inflatable mattress and with the Wee One in a Pack and Play. She had fun running around the empty rooms and testing the echo, but she kept going to to the door to point and say "home?", hoping we would head back to our place. We kept telling her this was "new home", but the concept didn't quite work for her. The new environment, coupled with the Spartan furnishings and strange people stopping by to talk, left her confused. But, as we were driving away this morning she looked at the window and said "Bye new home."

Now we just have endure owning a house we can't go into for the next four days. 

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  • Mrs. CH says:

    That is the cutest house I've ever seen! That's awful about the leak, but it sounds like it wasn't too bad. I'm glad the Wee One is already getting used to her new home!

  • Patchi says:

    It's definitely worth doing the floors before you move in... or you'll never get around to doing them. It really stinks, so you won't want to be in there anyway... and you won't want the Wee One calling it the "stinky house" for a week!Congratulations!

  • Professor in Training says:

    Congrats! And I agree that you have one of the cutest houses I've ever seen!

  • tideliar says:

    Wow! Beautiful!

  • insearchofatheory says:

    The house looks lovely and I feel your pain about not being able to move immediately. My fiance and I just rented a new house set in the country and are slowly counting down the days till we can move in. Oh, and I wandered in while searching for blogs about new postdocs/professors. Been reading for a while but never got around to commenting until recently. I enjoy the tales (and travails) of your professorial life.

  • Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    It looks lovely! We also did the camp-out on the first night of ownership, but took the time to make a few essential fixes (goodbye, gross home-made padded white pleather toilet seat with rusty staples and dubious smell) before we moved in properly.

  • Hermitage says:

    Beautiful home! And it sounds like she's adjusting beautifully, haha 'bye, new home'

  • Prof-like Substance says:

    Thanks everyone, we're getting excited to get in there. Not too excited for the pack-a-thon this weekend or the move, but once we're in it'll be great. We've moved so many times in the last 10 years (7 times, I think) that being able to throw away "good moving boxes" rather than store them for the inevitable, will be a nice feeling. At least we've reached the point in our lives where we no longer have any desire or need to do the move without hiring someone to lug the boxes. I'll save my back for a couple of hundred bucks, thank you very much.

  • Mad Hatter says:

    Wow...congrats on the new digs! It looks awesome. 🙂

  • Candid Engineer says:

    It's beautiful! Congrats. 🙂 Have fun with the move.

  • Neurowoman says:

    Wow, what I see are beautiful gardens! I hope you have a green thumb and an interest in perrenials. I would love to know what's inside the fence.

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