We have clearance, Clarence*

Aug 21 2009 Published by under Uncategorized

We finally have closing clearance on the house. It's always nice when things actually go smoothly. We should be closing mid-week next week and then moving in either over the weekend or on Monday, depending on how long the minor renos we are doing take. Of course, this all could have happened a few days ago, if not for the HR department at Employment University.

My wife had to run some paperwork through HR the other day and got talking to the lady and the topic of our house came up. The woman thought for a minuted and said, "Wait, this rings a bell. Does your husband work here too?" When my wife confirmed this, the HR lady leafed through a pile of paper on her desk, proclaiming "So that's what this message someone left me is all about, I guess I'll call the bank back about your employment verification tomorrow." To which my wife replied, "why don't you take care of that right now." The lady agreed. She had no choice.

Who knows how long that note would have remained buried if my wife had not randomly needed to go through that office or not brought up our pending house purchase. It's nice to know that the incompetence of our HR department even has the ability to mess with our personal lives.

*I think that's my second title reference to Airplane. I think I need to see more movies.

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