One year ago today....

Jul 31 2009 Published by under Uncategorized

I was saying goodbye to the place that had been my home for the previous four years and embarking on the two day move marathon with my wife, a 4 month old Wee One, two cats and a mother-in-law. It was not a fun trip, but we made it with all of our stuff and sanity mostly intact. It's odd that it both seems like yesterday and forever ago, but it's been a good first year, overall. A lot has changed and I'm finally starting to not feel like the new guy all the time (only when it's to my advantage). I'm also submitting my last grant of this calendar year (hopefully) today, a few days early, and got a copy of the fully "executed" purchase and sales on our house. Seems a fitting way to tie up year one on the job.

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