One. More Trip.

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Well, at least this is my last trip planned for the next couple of months. I've already been warned about the possibility that I might be asked to be an external for a PhD student in a foreign country, but I don't have a formal invite yet, and I did tell an NSF PO that I would serve on their panel if they needed someone... But, as of right now, my trip next week is the last of the summer and the last chance fate has to rattle my cage for a bit with some type of crisis while I am gone. Even if nothing explodes or implodes, it should still be an exciting week.

For one, I'm going on this trip without people from my lab, which means that any inkling I may have towards a "supervisor mode" is not in play (and by that I mean "making sure that my students have the chance to meet people, have fun and check out lots of good science", not some oppressive alternative where they are treated like children). I also think, for various reasons, that this trip will be a bit out of the ordinary for me, which is always intriguing. I don't think I will know anyone at this particular gathering, so it'll be a good opportunity to not get sucked into the safety of old acquaintances and meet some new people - something that I actually enjoy.

And finally, I'm driving. No planes, trains or boats. No Elmo singing or Rockabye Baby! renditions of classic albums (These CDs do kick ass, however. There aren't many kid-friendly CDs that don't make you stabby, but these do the trick. Where else can you find The Cure, Bjork and Tool songs played on the glockenspiel?). Just me driving and having some time to think without distraction and play whatever I want on the radio. Those moments are rare these days.

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  • Nat Blair says:

    Dude, do you actually have that Tool lullaby renditions? That's awesome! I think there's a Metallica one as well. I love the idea of putting the kids to sleep with "Enter Sandman."And yes, the solo drive to work (as opposed to from work) is a boon to the sanity.

  • Prof-like Substance says:

    We were given the Bob Marley one and then bought U2 and Metallica. The Bob Marley one is the Wee One's favorite car music.

  • Professor in Training says:

    Just to give you a heads up ... not all PhD examinations in foreign countries require the examiners to be there. My thesis need to be examined by two external examiners in the same way that a manuscript is reviewed so my advisor and I sent emails to three people asking if they were interested. One of them replied immediately saying that he would LOOOOOOOVE to visit the land far, far away and asked if he could bring his family and when would we be expecting the best weather ... luckily the other two said yes so we were able to tell this guy that his dreams of an all-expenses paid family vacation were going to be dashed.

  • Prof-like Substance says:

    Well, the head's up email I got was a friend asking if I wanted to stay at their place or that of a second friend in town, so I think it's safe to assume a trip in this case. We'll see if I ever get the official email.

  • Ink says:

    We got so used to some of those kiddie CDs playing over the years that once I drove all the way to work, happily singing my ass off, and only realized when I arrived that it was to Imagination Movers. Hope the ride and event were great.

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