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I was not planing on resubmitting my proposal that recently got declined by NSF for the July round because the reviews came out so late this year and the timing didn't seem like it could work. However, I just talked with my PO who bot only encouraged me to resubmit (after dispelling what was apparently a major hang-up for the panel with a single sentence) in this round, but let me in on a secret. Due to the fact that the reviews came out so late as a result of delays incurred while they tried to figure out how the stimulus money was going to go down, NSF is allowing a three week extension for anyone who wants to resubmit their grant. All you have to do is write your PO with the request and they will confirm. I just thought you should know.

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  • Comrade PhysioProf says:

    NSF and their funded investigators are a bunch of softie ass wimps. NIH and its investigators are hard ass motherfuckers who don't take any fucking guff!

  • Prof-like Substance says:

    Yes yes yes, extensions are for sissies, not working on humans is just toiling, and who cares about anything that's not an animal anyway... blah blah blah. Pardon me while I nap through this movie I've seen before.

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