Badges?! Oh yes, I need badges....

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DrDrA has a post up where she links to the Science Scouts page of badges. If I only I had known about this sooner, I would have taunted more monkeys. I really wish I could add all of the ones I've earned here without making it too obvious what I do, because there are some good ones.

Certainly the following is appropriate, which I have talked about previously.

The “somewhat confused as to what scientific field I actually belong to” badge

And I don't think I even know anyone who would not place the following dead center on their sash.

The “I’m a scientist who is fundamentally opposed to administrative duties” badge.

And by combining this badge:

The “works with very small and potentially dangerous organisms” badge.

With this one:

The “has done science whilst under the influence” badge.

I've managed to earn this one:

The “what I do for science dictates my having to wash my hands before I use the toilet” badge.

This badge is also wrapped up, but that's a story for another time...

The “I may look like a scientist, but I’m actually also a pirate” badge.

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  • DamnGoodTechnician says:

    I don't think I had any interesting ones - hasn't everyone frozen all kinds of shit in LN2? I would be happy with a "Unreasonable Quantity of Tissue Culture" badge - at least I'd get something out of all those plates!

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