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Jun 10 2009 Published by under Uncategorized

More powerful than the NHMFL magnet and it works on people!

I had to pick up the Wee One from daycare yesterday because she was running a slight temperature and "generally irritable" (apparently our daycare only deals with happy kids). On the way back to my office I walked through the business office of our college with the Wee One in my arms and before I knew it every office was empty and I was surrounded. The Dean's making funny faces at her, the CFO of the college is tickling her - it was like the whole place momentarily lost their minds. It's nice that there is generally a pro-family vibe here, but now I know that if I have to run the gauntlet of the business hallway with the Wee One again, I will do it at a full sprint or risk being there for 30 minutes and becoming "generally irritable" myself.

Grumpy kids love to be prodded by strangers.

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  • Patchi says:

    Add to that a DVD on your computer and she'll be wanting to go to work with Daddy all the time...

  • Ink says:

    "Grumpy kids love to be prodded by strangers" = you have such a gift for zoning in on the funny and stating it in the most concise manner possible. A+

  • Prof-like Substance says:

    If only that helped in manuscripts and grant proposals...

  • Hermitage says:

    I remember when my mom used to drag me to work and park me under a workbench when daycare didn't work out. I was always ready to pass out and all her coworkers were like 'CUTE BABEH LET'S PLAY WITH IT, GIMME GIMME'They were lucky that biting was never in my 'irascible child' repertoire.

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