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I'm heading to two more conferences this summer, both of which I'm really amped about. The first is a meeting that brings together a lot of the big names in my field and is like an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet of science. The program came out today and I got all giddy looking at the different sessions and who is going to be giving talks, etc. I found out my science crush is giving a plenary and a whole ton of other people I want to talk with are going to be there. My students are giving a talk and a poster, respectively, which is what each wanted for the meeting and a number of my friends will be there so I can catch up with what they are doing. The only drawback is that the conference is in a state that I can't see myself going to for any reason other than because there is a conference there or because I have to drive through it to get somewhere else, but since I'm not going for the sight-seeing it won't matter. Can't. wait.

The second conference I am headed to is a Gordon Research Conference. I've never been to a GRC but this year there is one in my field that is not too far away, so I figured why not. I sent in my application and got it approved and promised Wife-like Substance nice things because it means one more week this summer of her single-parenting, which sucks. This morning I was surprised to see an email from Prof. Bigshot from Uber Uni. who is organizing the GRC but whom I have never met. The email thanked me for registering, blah blah blah, but there was a paragraph at the end congratulating me on my position at Employment Uni and expressing excitement about me being in the same geographic region as Uber Uni. Seriously? I'm guessing Prof. Bigshot got the info from my application, but the possibility that Prof. Bigshot might be familiar with my research got me worked up enough that I'm glad I have a spare pair of work jeans in my office. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find a mop.

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