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In the past week it has gotten unseasonably warm around these parts and it's finally pushed me to get off my ass and get some exercise. We used to go to the gym often after work in Post-doc city, but around the 7-months-pregger point it just wasn't happening for WLS anymore and I started slowly trailing off when it came to going to the gym myself or spending time with my pregnant wife. Once the Wee One was born I wanted to come home and spend time with her and WLS after work, rather than a bunch of sweaty strangers. The Wee One is about to be 14 months old and even I can do the math and figure out that I haven't been to the gym in basically 16 months.

After spending far too long figuring out the best way to fit some exercise into my schedule I realized that I have to concentrate less on minimizing the time I am away from my desk and more on getting the hell outside. I managed to pull it off this morning and plan to start out with a Tuesday / Thursday schedule for now and see how we go.

The good news - I'm not as out of shape as I had feared. I guess running after a year-old is good for something.

The bad news - I expect this to catch up with me tomorrow and whomp my ass.

Exercise catches up with PLS.

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  • DamnGoodTechnician says:

    I snorted at that video. Ha ha! It would be swell if I had a toddler as an excuse for why I'm not at the gym more often.. does "desire to watch television and drink G&Ts" count as a valid excuse?

  • Prof-like Substance says:

    The toddler narrowly edged out "there's cold beer at home", so yeah, I think you're good.

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