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Time is growing short with this grant due very soon and a week long trip into the field starting on Saturday, but there has been some good news this week, seemingly out of the blue. Regular readers may recall that I have been on the hunt for a particular piece of equipment recently since the unit we were using went down a while back. That hunt has led me off campus and to places one shouldn't have to go to find a fairly normal piece of equipment. After two failed attempts to use external equipment and a torrent of emails I had resigned to waiting until ass-wipe sous chef tech could get off his ass and get the on campus equipment functional again (Note: When sous chef tech says that a piece of equipment is going to be down for "a while", don't for any reason think of calling back after three weeks to get an update. This will only provoke yet another sarcastic, condescension-filled, response in which you learn that the term "a while" can mean just about any length of time and that your time line is really not a concern to the Powers That Be at Core Facility.).

However, just the other day I happened to corner the mini-dean in charge of the building project and asked him what the status was of the piece of equipment that I need that was supposed to be bought for the new building. His response was that it was in the building on the loading dock and has been for three weeks! Would I like to be in charge of finding a home for it? Ah, I'll have to thi... Yes! After a couple of phone calls I was able to determine that no one else wanted it in their space and everyone was happy to have me be responsible for said equipment. So, it is now sitting in my lab and almost ready to go. We have to wait on the electrician to get the plug it needs into the wall, but that will be done this week. After that, I never have to wander over to Core Facility again! Yeah to being handed over $100K worth of equipment without question.

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  • tideliar says:

    Yay! We had a faculty member fired a couple of years ago (turns out he was a drug-dealing pimp on the side, no lie), ,so after he was gone my PI sent an email out to the department asking if anyone minded if we took over maintenance of his ultra-centrifuge...waiting ten answer, so we nicked it :)Yay!

  • Prof-like Substance says:

    Hmmm, I'll keep that in the back of my head in case funding gets tight. I'll need a new waredrobe, however....

  • ScientistMother says:

    yeah!!! oh, and you've changed the colors right...i'm a bit behind on blog stuff...

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