Movement from the bowels

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I couldn't rightfully call it a bowel movement, because we are leaving the bowels behind. It's semi-official, we are moving this week! The chemical safety lady was here to tell me this morning that my chemicals are being moved Thursday and even though I have not heard anything official from anyone else, they have been saying all along that they did not want us to be half moved at any point, so I assume that the rest of our lab is going at the same time. I guess that will put a few things on hold in the lab, including just about everything I am working on for this upcoming grant. I could probably have assumed that was going to happen, as soon as we got all of the reagents and materials. Nothing like being told to wait for 6 weeks, then being given 3 days notice. Whatever, it will all be better soon... it will all be better soon... it will all be better soon... it will all be better soon...

Update: WTF?
I just strolled over to check out the new digs and see what kind of progress they had made in the last couple of days, because the last time I was in there it was NOT ready to move into. Looks like they have made ZERO progress. My office looks great and all, but something about having a 10 foot high, two foot wide floor to ceiling window between my office and the hallway WITH NO FUCKING GLASS IN IT makes me aprehensive about moving my shit. If they had a bunch of workers in there fixing these minor problems I might have some faith that it's all going to get done, but the building is deserted. In the labs, they still have not dealt with the minor oversight of completely forgetting to plumb in DI water (you mean the faucet doesn't produce molecular biology grade water?) and none of the doors can lock yet. This will be fixed by Thursday?

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  • Anonymous says:

    ZOMFG. I suggest you start drinking, pronto. It helps with the bowel movement. Pace yourself.

  • Comrade PhysioProf says:

    You need to enlist the support of someone with the power to control the timing of your physical move--your chair if necessary--and get them to understand that premature moving will impede the progress of your science. You need to get their assurance that none of your shit will be *touched* until you are personally satisfied with the completion of your new space.Trust me on this. I went through the same process a few years ago.

  • Prof-like Substance says:

    Yeah, I've been talking with a few others on this. I don't think the move will keep from getting things done for very long, but that is assuming that things go according to plan - a dangerous assumption. As for the finishing touches, I am doing a building tour with the Dean tomorrow and will use that time to talk about the timing of everything.

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