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The college did what appeared a few weeks ago to be impossible. Our new building actually opened on schedule and classes have been held in there this week when the semester began. Since all of the classes that were formerly taught in our building have be moved to the new building, the halls here a very quiet. Large signs have been posted at the entrance to our building that scream in big red type "All classes for old building are now being held in new building. The one right behind you. Yes, turn around and walk" - or at least something like that.

Despite the big signs, the deserted halls and the fact that the classrooms are dark, locked AND have different numbers than the ones in the new building, there are still students walking the corridors with the vacant, lost look in their eyes. I have no idea how many times I have answered the question "Do you know where room xx is?" in the last couple of days. It's hard for me to answer these kids with a straight face, because they are essentially admitting that they ignored the building name and number on their schedule, the big red signs and are oblivious to the fact that there are no other students in this building. I should get every one of their names so I can screen them from anything I do in the future.

I teach my first class tomorrow (hence no sciencey post today) in the new building and the lab moves in less than two weeks! I would walk my equipment over there barefoot if it would get me in any sooner.

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