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There's a lot going on today in the land of PLS. The first and most obvious is that it's grant due day. My solo grant is ready to go after one last once-over. I didn't get all the data I wanted to put in, but I think I got enough. Combined with strengthening the methodology and the Broader Impacts section, I'm pretty happy with it. My only fear is the dreaded "too ambitious" tag. Obviously I don't think it is too ambitious, but it could be read that way by someone who doesn't do the type of stuff we do. I guess I will have to wait.

Grant #2 is an unknown. Still no draft from Senior Collaborator after promises to have it to me on Friday. Still nothing back from the program officer to allay me fears that it is going in late and that she won't accept it. Nevertheless, my part is done (without being able to comment on the proposal) and I will have my grants people sign off on it today.

I also have a New Grad Student starting today. I don't know that NGS will get the chance to do much today but figure things out around the dept./university, but it'll be good to have another person in the lab.

Finally, as though this wasn't enough, the college is having an all faculty meeting today to battle it out of the new structure going forward. I'm not sure if it's going to be a giant cage match or a civil presentation, but it could be anything along that spectrum. Will there be blood? I don't know, but I think I'm hiding a smock under me seat in case it gets as messy as the front row at The Blue Man Group.

UPDATE: Grant #1 submitted. Still no draft from SC and no answering their phone either. College-level faculty meeting = epic fail.

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  • Professor in Training says:

    I'm getting the same "too ambitious" feedback from some, but not all, of my mentors/colleagues. It's getting a little annoying, so I've just posted on this today so will see if I get any feedback on it. Also, check out Massimo's post on the same topic last week.

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