Down to the wire

Nov 24 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

It's a big day for preliminary data here on the ranch. We have been testing a couple of methods the material we need from our samples and are finally getting some results back today. Additionally, we are cranking up one of our new machines today for the first time and will know how that is running in a couple of days. We're trying to provide data for two different grants and time is becoming a limiting factor. If we get even half-way decent results this week we'll have something to work with and can move forward. If not, it's back to the drawing board for a couple of things and more time gone by. With three trips in the next four weeks and the holidays in the mix, time in the lab is quickly vanishing. To make matters worse, we are getting into some new techniques (for the students), so I can't just send my students out to get the data without some training and half of what we are doing has to be done in a building half-way across campus. At least I am getting outside a bit. It'll all get done, I might just be spending far too much time in the lab over the holiday.

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