Talking with rich white kids

Nov 14 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

The talk I gave the other day at the undergrad institution not to far away seemed to go fine. I kept it fairly simple and gave them several examples of the phenomenon I was talking about. There was pretty good turn out, but I don't think they get a lot of seminars. It felt a bit like I was teaching a class, right down to the fact that they all took notes, one kid walked in 30 minutes late and sat in the second row, right in front of me (in case I didn't notice how late he was) and then once I finished half of them started to get up, pack their bags and start chatting while the other half either asked questions or were trying to hear them. It was bad enough that the seminar host had to get up and explain that the question and answer period was part of the whole thing and that they should sit and pay attention. Overall though, I think it went well and I felt like I got my concepts across. For throwing the slides together the way I did and never going through them in an organized way, I was happy that I got through them in 45 minutes and they were coherent. One more experience.

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