The digital age

Oct 31 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

 This morning a colleague called me out of my office to witness a yearly ritual for the first-year class. On the class day closest to, or on, Halloween, the professor who teaches the course has a bunch of grad students carry him into the classroom in a coffin. Complete with musical accompaniment, he dramatically exits the coffin to teach the class about a blood-related topic in full vampire get-up and "Transylvanian" accent. It might be the only way you can have 200 18-year-olds all paying attention in a classroom at the same time.
 However, the scariest part of the whole thing had nothing to do with the paisley socks the professor was wearing under his cape, but the fact that probably half of the students immediately pulled out their phones to record his performance. Are you shitting me? 

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