Fine... I guess

Oct 31 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

Well, the class went fine. No one was obviously sleeping and the students actually seemed to be paying attention. 40 is not a bad number of students to start with - at least you can make eye contact with them all and try and keep them engaged. One of the students asked me afterwards which other classes I was teaching, but it wasn't clear if it was because she liked my teaching style or if she was going to cut those classes out of her course catalog and light them on fire as she fed them into a shredder. I guess I will know next semester, when I have a class of my own. 
 Since it is Halloween I was able to make a joke about the fact that I was going to dress up like their regular teacher, but that Iparty was out of Jesus wigs, foiling my plot. That seemed to go over well and they seemed to like that I printed out a couple of key slides and those that were a bit text-heavy so they didn't have to write everything down as students are often programed to. Overall, I think it was good, but I have no way of really knowing. 

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