Buried treasure

Oct 30 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

I think the lack of sleep is getting to me. On my way into the building today I stopped and watched a squirrel for a good five minutes. What I found both fascinating and sad was that the squirrel was caching an acorn in the middle of the construction site near our building. It wasn't so much that I knew his little stash would be either ripped out of the ground or buried by the time that spring came, but rather the care with which the squirrel excavated a hole, placed the acorn in and buried it. It took more than half the time it expended on the procedure to conceal the treasure by carefully patting down all the sign of disturbance so that it blended in with its surroundings. The squirrel was meticulous about this, furiously using its little paws to shape the dirt, all the while eyeing me with rodent suspicion... which, of course, was nothing compared to the suspicious looks that the few students coming in at that hour were giving me as a stared at the little beast through a chain-link fence. No doubt they will be in the class I am teaching tomorrow.

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